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Resources for Medical and Health Professionals

NIDA Screening Tools and Resources

Explore screening tools and resources for substance use disorders:

Physician Clinical Support System - Primary Care

Educational resources to address substance abuse in primary care settings:

Addiction Performance Project (NIDAMED CME Program)

A Continuing Medical Education program focusing on addiction:

SAMHSA Practitioner Training

Tools, training, and technical assistance for mental health and substance use disorders:

Resources for Your Practice

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide (Third Edition)

Access the comprehensive guide on drug addiction treatment:

NIDA Commonly Used Drugs Charts

View charts detailing commonly used drugs and their effects:

 Addiction Medicine Education

ASAM e-Learning

Access over 300 hours of accredited education provided by ASAM, educating over 100,000 healthcare providers worldwide:

Overcoming Stigma: Words Matter When Talking About Addiction
  • Stigma Resources – Resources, including guidance and research, to help you learn more about stigma, addiction, and health disparities, and the importance of addressing them in the health care setting

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