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Discover Dedham: Where Community Thrives

Celebrate the vibrant community and positive norms that make Dedham, Massachusetts, such a special place to call home. Join us as we highlight the values, traditions, and events that bring us together and create a sense of belonging in our town.



At the heart of Dedham's charm are the positive community norms that define us. From neighborly kindness to supporting local businesses, let's showcase what makes Dedham a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.

Key Messages

1. We're are a Community That Cares: Dedham is more than just a place; it's a community that cares. We celebrate the bonds that connect us all, making Dedham a warm and inviting place to call home.

2. Empathy and Understanding: Together, we can address challenges with empathy and understanding. Dedham fosters an environment where people come together to find solutions and support one another.


3. Positive Behavior: Celebrate the positive behavior that defines Dedham and sets a powerful example for our youth. 

Dedham Day 2023


On September 24th, 2023, Dedham came alive with the annual Dedham Day event. This year, DOSA proudly participated in the festivities. At our booth, we provided the community with "Why is Dedham Home to You?" cards. Youth and adults alike joined in, sharing the important things that make Dedham home to them. Here are some examples of the heartfelt responses we received:

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Dedham Middle School Lunch Visits with PC Tae

In a recent initiative, our Program Coordinator, Tae, visited 6th to 8th graders during lunchtime, engaging them in thoughtful conversations with three different prompts. The responses we received were nothing short of inspiring. These middle schoolers are the shining beacons of our town, representing the future leaders, voices, and change-makers that will shape our community's journey towards a healthier and brighter future. Click through to read their insights and be inspired by the remarkable youth of our town.

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6th graders express their heartfelt connection to Dedham through colorful drawings of their cherished hometown treasures

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Inspired by the incredible 8th graders of  our town as they respond to the question: 'Why do I make good choices?'"

7th Grade Lunch: Where Young Minds Discover That 'The Choices I Make Matter' – Insightful Answers in Action!

Dedham Middle School NDAFW Table

During National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW), Dedham Middle School had the privilege of hosting a special event led by our dedicated team from Dedham Organization for Substance Awareness (DOSA) and our Middle School Ambassadors from the P.A.C.T (Prevention Action Community Team).

At our table, we hosted an interactive session where the youth of Dedham Middle School had the opportunity to compete and win exciting prizes. Through engaging activities, we encouraged them to use their authentic voice to express their thoughts on drug use prevention and positive mental health.

Exploring Personal Motivations:

At our table, we asked the youth to reflect on why these issues matter to them. We encouraged them to share their personal motivations for choosing not to use drugs and alcohol, as well as what strategies help them cope with challenges


Through the Discover Dedham  campaign, we aim to nurture Dedham's unique spirit, foster positive community norms, and inspire residents to actively participate in building a stronger and more united Dedham.


Together, we can create a place where everyone feels at home.

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