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At DOSA, we believe that education is key to fostering a community that is informed, empowered, and resilient in the face of substance-related challenges. As we celebrate National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW), we urge you to take a proactive stance in understanding the facts surrounding substance use and abuse.



Here are some of our top resources to guide you in your journey towards knowledge and awareness:

Underage Drinking:

Recursos en español:

Hechos sobre el consumo de alcohol en menores de edad

Después de la escuela secundaria: Descubre cómo abordar el consumo de alcohol en menores con tu adulto joven.

Creencias falsas o verdades ocultas? Descubre la realidad del consumo de alcohol por menores de edad

Get Educated, Get Empowered: Navigating Substance Awareness


For more than a decade the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week educational campaign has been working with State-based partners and like-minded organizations to share NIDA’s science-based resources in hopes they find them useful and engaging. For more information, please visit NIDA’s National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week page.


During National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® and year round, teens can test their knowledge about drugs, alcohol, and drug use by taking the interactive National Drug and Alcohol IQ Challenge quiz. 



 Embracing a Vape-Free Lifestyle: Living Life Free from E-cigarettes and Vaping

Shedding Light on the Overlooked: Disproportionate Tobacco Use Rates in the LGBT Community

Empower Yourself: Start the Conversation About E-cigarettes with Your Teen – A Helpful Guide for Parents

Recursos en español:

Descubre la Verdad: Cigarrillos Electrónicos y la Realidad que Debes Conocer

Desvelando Peligros: Conozca los Riesgos de los Cigarrillos Electrónicos para los Jóvenes


    • Información para ayudar a los adolescentes que deseen dejar de usar cigarrillos electrónicos.

  • Programa de Truth Initiative “This is Quitting”

    • Este programa móvil gratuito está diseñado para ayudar a los jóvenes a dejar de usar cigarrillos electrónicos. Hay recursos disponibles tanto para los adolescentes y adultos jóvenes, como para los padre


  • Your Brain on Pot: Today's Marijuana and the Teen Brain - Webinar

Recursos en español:

Consejos para Adolescentes: La Realidad sobre la Marihuana

Efectos de la marihuana en la salud

Copy of Did You Know 5.png

Prescriptions, Opioids, and Fake Pills


Recursos en español:


Stop an Overdose with Naloxone

Join us in celebrating National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® by exploring these resources and empowering yourself with knowledge. Together, we can create a community that prioritizes substance awareness and prevention.

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